Why Join Markaider Affiliate Program?

Earn Commission Every Month

Get Commotion From your all Referral Client every month.

Get Paid Every Month

You Can Withdraw your referral Commotion in every month

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How Much commission You Received from Markaider affiliate program?

Those approved for this program will receive a standard affiliate commission of 20% on every monthly payment made by customers who sign up using your unique referral link.

How you will get paid

We will pay your commissions through PayPal/Stripe or Bank Transfer on the first week of each month. Note that payments are subject to a 30-day lock-down period, which begins the day that a customer upgrades using your link. After that period is over, your commissions will be be unlocked and You can make the withdraw request. our account will proceed the payment within 5-7 Business Days.

For example: Let us say a customer upgrades to Pro using your link on January 1 . Your commission will be unlocked 30 days later, on February 1. Then you can be able to withdraw request and our account will proceed the payment within 5-7 Business Days.

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Approval Process

Once we receive your Partner Application, we will review each application and contact those who are approved for the program with signup link. After signup you will get instant access to your affiliate dashboard.

Then you can share Your affiliate link and earn money through Markaider Affiliate program.

You will be able to monitor your stats from your personalized affiliate dashboard.

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